Bucharest All In Kizomba Festival | Thaïs & SamWi
Thaïs & SamWi All In Kizomba Festival
Thaïs & SamWi
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Thaïs & SamWi

Thaïs & Sam-Wi

Thaïs et Sam-Wi met in 2014 on the dance floors of Marseille and have been, ever since, sharing, in France and abroad, their passion, their know-how and their dance vision based on fluidity, precise technique and lots of energy.

Influenced and formed in all styles, from the most traditional to the most urban ones, this couple teaches and dances with the same pleasure Kizomba and Semba as well as Urban Kiz. Their dance is based today on 3 pillars: fluidity, precision and musicality.

Their dynamic yet thorough teaching method and their good vibe will guarantee you a good learning while having a good time. During their classes Thaïs et Sam-Wi will share with you more than just plain routines.