Bucharest All In Kizomba Festival | contest all in kizomba bucharest
contest all in kizomba bucharest
contest all in kizomba bucharest
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  • The Romanian currency is called LEI or RON
  • Depending on the day, the exchange rate is about 4,74 RON for 1€

We definitely recommend UBER or TAXIFY as a main way of transportation. Here are the main reasons: known price / nice price / and safest and most comfortable cars to take a ride to enjoy the city.

Here are examples of prices for two rides:

  • Less than 6€  /// Transfer : Airport <-> Venue (Hotel Caro)
  • Less than 4€  /// Transfer : Venue (Hotel Caro) <-> City Center (Piata Unirii)

The hotel has a very nice restaurant, and for the festival its lovely staff will prepare special snacks with a nice price.

7min on foot from Hotel Caro,  there is one of the main Malls of Bucharest with a wide choice of restaurants, where you can find the worldwide main dishes


Promenada Mall has ALL WHAT YOU NEED.

@address: Calea Floreasca 246B, Bucuresti

Distance : 600m  

On foot : 7 minutes


Hotel Caro has a big private parking lot, equipped with a modern system of access and control.

  • The price for the hotel residents : Free
  • The price for festival guests :
    • 30 lei/day
    • 75 lei/3 days

If you


Coming Soon…


If you don’t have your pass yet, no worries, you will be able to buy any type of pass at the door, for the following prices:

Full Pass = 100 eur / 475 lei

Party Pass = 65 eur / 310 lei

Day Pass Friday = 25 eur / 120 lei

Day Pass Saturday = 55 eur / 260 lei

Day Pass Sunday= 50 eur /235 lei

Party Friday = 25 eur / 120 lei

Party Saturday = 30 eur /140 lei

Party Sunday = 15 eur / 70 lei

Social Pass = 15 eur / 70 lei

*Please make sure you received your pass. If it’s not in Inbox, search also the Spam folder. The sender is Weezevent and you would have to present it at the door, either on you phone or printed.

** Please make sure to have a valid ID on you, to make proof you are the owner of the pass.