Bucharest All In Kizomba Festival | Landry & Windy
Landry & Windy All In Kizomba Festival
Landry & Windy
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Landry & Windy

Landry & Windy

He’s Cameroonese and she’s Martiniquese, reunited in France by a common passion for Kizomba, Semba and other African based rhythms.

As a dance couple, Landry and Windy are winners of the “Authentic“ category at this year’s Olympiades of Kizomba, where they also got a place on the podium on the “Tarraxa“ section. They are also part of the Kin Dancers Company from Nantes, Frances.

For this first Bucharest edition, these two lovely dancers and teachers are delighted to be able to share with you their know-how and experience during their Semba and Tarraxa classes